Sewer pipe put into place

23:12, Jul 01 2013
LONG JOB: Hadlee and Brunton workers had an early start moving a 220m length of sewer pipe into place in the centre of Wai-iti Rd.

A 220-metre sewer pipe was placed in the centre of Wai-iti Rd early this morning after a high-profile journey to the road boundary from West End Park last week.

The pipe, a replacement for a previous clay sewer line, was welded together in the park last week and was so heavy that it had to be carried to the roadside by more than 60 people, including boarders from Boys High who volunteered to help.

The strategy meant that Hadlee and Brunton workers would likely be able to install the entire 220m length of pipe today, according to Timaru district services manager Ashley Harper.

LINED UP: Kiha Rigby of Hadlee and Brunton checks a 220m length of pipe for straightness. The pipe was placed on Wai-iti Rd early this morning.

The approach was intended to minimise disruption to the traffic flow in Wai-iti Rd, Timaru's second-busiest street after State Highway 1.

After the main pipe was installed, Hadlee and Brunton would connect household laterals into the main line and then backfill the connection points and resurface Wai-iti Rd, he said. The work is expected to be completed by the end of July.

The $600,000 sewer project stretches from Ranfurly to Guinness streets and is the major sewer renewal project for the Timaru District Council this financial year.


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