Timaru residents' noses put out of joint by smell

Waimataitai resident Veronica Fellows holds her nose because of the foul smell wafting around her property.

Waimataitai resident Veronica Fellows holds her nose because of the foul smell wafting around her property.

The summer routine of opening your windows to let in some fresh air appears impossible for some Timaru residents.

Three people in different parts of town say they are loath to let the air circulate through their homes because of the unpleasant stench it carries.

Norwood St resident Veronica Fellows said the smell of offal wafting through her Waimataitai home was "terrible".

"I have been here for four years and this is the worst it has been. The other night, when it was a really sticky day, I tried to open the windows and the stench was out of this world. It turns your stomach."

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She thought the odour had to have come from the Alliance Smithfield Plant on Bridge St.

Environment Canterbury said earlier in January it had received 17 complaints about the Alliance plant in 2016. It was "monitoring" the situation, and would "take enforcement action" if it was able to "substantiate" the complaints.

Alliance Group general manager processing Kerry Stevens said at the time it had launched its own inquiry into the issue, and was co-operating fully with ECan to investigate the matter.

ECan was asked if it was investigating the current complaints about the plant but did not respond on Monday or Tuesday.

Fellows said the problem normally cropped up two or three times in a summer, but at the moment the smell was a problem a couple of times a week.

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Every time she wanted to open a window, she had to "lean out and have a sniff before trying to open any others", she said.

Another homeowner on Maori Hill, who didn't want to be named, also objected to the smell.

"It's been noticeable over a number of weeks ... more noticeable in recent times. Your house just gets full of the smell. It's very annoying when you get a nice day and you can't have your windows open."

He also thought it was caused by the Alliance Smithfield plant.

Parkview Terrace resident Debbie de Beer said she had had to contend with the same unpleasant odour.

"I do think it's the smell of offal. It does get pretty bad, you don't want to open your windows. You need to remain inside, but when it's summer you don't want to do that, you want to be outside and make the most of it."

She said the smell generally appeared when the wind was blowing from a north-easterly direction.

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