Royal baby the hot topic for a good yarn

23:49, Jul 18 2013
HAVING A YARN: Woolwinders at The Croft talk about the royal baby. From left resident Esme Beaton with volunteers Mary Wallace and Helen Mitchell.

A bottle of whisky will be cracked open when the royal baby is born if The Croft residents have their way.

"As long as it arrives safely, it will be nice to have a wee toddy to celebrate," said Nancy Arnst.

Every Thursday, a group of residents get together and unpick woollen jerseys to either knit goods for sale or send the balls of wool to op shops. Of course a good gossip is in order.

Joyce Chapman remembered how special it was for New Zealand to see Prince William playing with a buzzy bee toy on the lawn of Government House and hoped we send another for his first born.

"As long as we don't send something noisy likes the drums my son was given, I will be happy."

Then it was time for a trip down memory lane.


The ladies discussed that Kate would never have to do what they did. Mondays were for washing, Tuesdays ironing, Wednesdays were for visiting and entertaining visitors, Thursday was for baking - about five or six things - Fridays for groceries and then weekends were spent with the family.

"Every Sunday we would go for a drive and get an icecream with the kids in the back. They would always be picking fights. The days spent with my family were the happiest days of my life," said Mrs Chapman.

It was agreed the royal couple seemed down to earth after seeing them hula hoop on the Asian tour last year, but there was a limit to how down to earth.

"She won't be washing nappies like we did," Esme Beaton said.

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