Caroline Bay classic

20:31, Jul 22 2013
Arthur Bates
CAROLINE BAY CLASSIC: Arthur Bates with his recreation.

Retired boat builder Arthur Bates has been busy for the last six months recreating a version of the bumper boats that used to be at Caroline Bay after World War II.

He took the replica out for a spin at the Model Engineers' pool over the weekend.

"It took about six months to build, pottering away each day. I retired as a boat builder eight years ago. I decided to build the replica because I had a lot of fun in the bumper boats when they were down at the Bay."

His research led him to South Canterbury Museum to find out the actual size of the boats.

"The last owner of the boats is still alive. Bob Clark used to own the boats and I talked to him and just copied his measurements, he had built a couple."

He understands the bumper boats were brought out from England for an exhibition in Wellington for three years.


After World War II the 10 boats were bought and set up on the Bay.

"I think they stopped using them about 1969.

"The replica has a pod drive, the motor turns 360 degrees and that steers the boat. The original ones were actually the same."

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