Timaru man takes credit for 'painting'

03:41, Jul 23 2013
ron bishop
ON CAMERA: Timaru man Ron Bishop posts a video online claiming to have painted on the Hydro Grand building.

Timaru police have received a complaint of wilful damage after graffiti was painted over Timaru's Hydro Grand Hotel today.

A video taking credit for the ''painting'' of the hotel features Timaru man Ron Bishop and has been uploaded on YouTube.

An agent for the property's owner Timaru businessman Allan Booth, contacted police laying a complaint over the damage, Senior Constable Paul Hampton confirmed.

ron bishop
SELFIE: Timaru man Ron Bishop videos himself outside the Hydro Grand.

Mr Booth is overseas and police are still to speak to him to ascertain what action he wishes them to take.

The graffiti includes the phrase ''the wite eleephant (sic)'' painted over at least three sections of the building.

Prior to the complaint being laid a member of the public alerted police to a video uploaded to YouTube earlier in the day. In the video Mr Bishop states ''today's the day I paint the Hydro Grand''. He talks about naming the building a white elephant.

Mr Bishop has long been a campaigner to retain the building.


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