Couple's special day revisited 60 years on

19:50, Sep 09 2013
60th anniversary
SIXTY YEARS ON: Noel and Margaret Hawkey celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary over the weekend with their original wedding party. The celebrations included visiting the former Bank St Methodist Church where they were married. At the former church were, from left, Noel Hawkey (groom), Margaret Hawkey (bride), Joan Dephoff (bridesmaid), Bryan Hawkey (best man) and Kathryn Marcus (flower girl) at front

It seemed like only a moment in time had passed when Noel and Margaret Hawkey, along with their original wedding party, posed for photos this weekend in exactly the same spot as they had 60 years ago.

To celebrate the couple's diamond wedding anniversary, the group and other friends had a lunch, then had photos taken outside the former Methodist Church in Bank St.

Their wedding party consisted of Joan Dephoff as bridesmaid, Mr Hawkey's brother Bryan as best man; and his niece (Bryan's daughter) Kathryn Marcus nee Hawkey, as flower girl.

60th anniversary
SPECIAL DAY: Noel and Margaret Hawkey with their wedding party on September 5, 1953 outside the then Methodist Church on Bank St.

The happy couple say patience, forgiveness and give and take have been the key to their long marriage.

"We were determined to make sure it works and not give up," Mr Hawkey said.

They met in 1953 when Mrs Hawkey was waiting for a bus and Mr Hawkey and his friend Jack saw her and offered her a ride in his Ford Prefect. Jack's sister worked with the future Mrs Hawkey, who was the solicitor's PA at the Public Trust office.


"Margaret sat in the back seat with me and I was attracted to her," Mr Hawkey said.

Instead of a first date, Mr Hawkey rang her to ask if she wanted to be a Sunday School teacher at the church he attended in Waimataitai. She accepted and the romance blossomed from there.

Twelve weeks later they were engaged and 12 weeks after that married. He was 26 and living at home and she was 23 and boarding at Ashbury.

"It was time he left home," Mrs Hawkey said.

They had four children, two boys and two girls, within six years.

Mr Hawkey worked mostly as a wool classer, becoming manager at Taylors Woolscour at Saltwater Creek for the last 13 years of his 30-year career there.

Happy memories of children and their friends, family holidays, and watching their children grow up have been the highlights of their time together.

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