Hardest driving test questions revealed

18:53, Oct 02 2013

A list of the 10 hardest questions in the learner-licence theory test reveals the most difficult is about stopping distances at night.

At the other end of the scale, almost everyone knows what to do if they're driving and an ambulance comes up behind them.

It is the first time the NZ Transport Agency has made public the hardest and easiest questions in the learner-licence theory test for Class 1 vehicles, which includes cars.

The aim is to encourage learner drivers to make the necessary effort to learn the Road Code before sitting the test.

The pass rate for the Class 1 learner-licence theory test has increased from less than 50 per cent in 2009, to 60 per cent a year ago and as high as 70 per cent in July, before dropping back to 67 per cent in August.

The test includes 25 general and 10 class-specific questions randomly selected from a databank of more than 200 questions, presented as a random string of 35 questions.


NZTA road safety director Ernst Zollner said even the toughest questions on the theory test were being answered correctly more often than not.

The introduction of more-challenging driver tests had been a key part of plans to improve the safety of young drivers, Mr Zollner said.

Road crashes remained the single biggest killer of New Zealand teenagers, even though the number of fatal and serious-injury crashes involving teenage drivers had dropped from 475 in 2008 to 257 last year.

"With an average of one teenager killed on New Zealand roads every week in recent years, our teen crash rates were still among the worst in the developed world," Mr Zollner said. 


What does T2 mean on a transit lane sign? If you have a rear tyre blowout what will your vehicle do?

If you're not sure of the answers, you're not alone, as these are two of the 10 road-code questions teen drivers and others sitting learner licence theory tests most often get wrong.

The Herald hit the streets and asked motorists their thoughts.

Tracey Lennon: ''I think it's quite good, as it gives young drivers a little bit more time to get experience on the road.''

Katie Lennon: ''Information overload.''

Jesse Bruce: ''The road code is probably overloaded with information and should focus on the more essential things.''

Shailesh Modi: ''It's past my understanding.''

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