Records list 13 menacing dogs

20:04, Dec 02 2013

Waimate District Council has published its animal control statistics for the year to June.

The number of registered dogs in the territorial authority was 3207 with no probationary or disqualified owners in the district.

No dogs in the district were classified as dangerous while the number of dogs classified as menacing was 13.

Animal control officers issued five infringement notices during the year with no prosecutions taken. Four infringement notices were issued for failing to keep a dog under control and one for failing to register a dog.

Two attacks were reported, both involving small dogs nipping at a person in a public place.

Six dogs were euthanased by vets with four of them surrendered by the owners and two wandering dogs with unidentified owners.

The number of dog-related complaints received by the council was 517.

A breakdown of figures showed 264 complaints related to wandering dogs. There were also 103 complaints about barking dogs, three about rushing dogs, 19 animal attacks, two person attacks, 91 wandering stock complaints and 33 animal welfare complaints.


The Timaru Herald