Dog owners must pay up

The Timaru District Council is about to get barking mad at unregistered dogs, to the tune of $300 an animal.

The animal control team believes there are about 660 unregistered dogs in the district.

In a notice to owners it has warned there will be a two-week amnesty allowing registration, after which a $300 infringement notice will be issued.

Council regulatory services manager Chris English said the figure of 660 came from the number of dogs that had not been reregistered, and that the council had not been notified as having died.

"Council animal control officers will be visiting those properties where unregistered dogs reside and issuing $300 infringement notices to the owners," the notice read.

"To encourage people to be responsible dog owners ... there would be a two-week window of opportunity for people to register their dogs before the visits begin."

Dog owners have until December 13 to register their dogs.

The Timaru Herald