Don't be dumb - call a cab

18:58, Dec 05 2013

Police are targeting drink drivers in South Canterbury with reminder notices this festive season.

Vehicles parked at hotels will be slapped with the notices over the coming weeks, warning motorists not to be "dumb".

The notice reads: "Police are targeting drink-drivers in the vicinity of this hotel. Should you be driving? Don't be dumb. Use a courtesy van or call Timaru Taxis."

Senior Constable Paul Hampton said the aim was to get the number of drink-drive offenders down.

"Hopefully it is a reminder to them they could be stopped anywhere, at any time, leaving a hotel carpark. It's a prime time for us to be stopping people."

He said the initiative was new for the police.

"Obviously this time of year there's more social functions going on and people might be more inclined to have more drinks than normal. So, anything we can do to keep 'not drinking and driving' on peoples' minds, all the better."


The Timaru Herald