Rockabye baby - safely

20:50, Dec 05 2013
judith mewhinney
SLEEP SAFE: Judith Mewhinney, baby Nina, 8 months, and Community Karitane nurse Shelley Hawkins, holding a small pipe that is used to demonstrate who easy it is for a baby to suffocate.

A group of Timaru mothers had a lesson in safe sleeping for babies yesterday for national Sleep Safe Day.

Mid-South Canterbury Plunket are collaborating with Change for our Children to raise awareness of safe sleeping. People across the country, like Timaru's Community Karitane Nurse Shelley Hawkins, gave advice to parents and whanau.

Plunket Clinical Leader Raelene Todd said it was important for all people to share knowledge of sleeping babies safely.

"Anyone can go online and take the safe sleep quiz win a baby sleeping bag,"Mrs Todd said.


■ Ensure your baby sleeps in its own bed, especially if premature, born small or your family is not smoke free.


■ Put your baby to sleep on their back with their face up.

■ Ensure your baby's face is clear of pillows, bedding and toys. Don't put baby down on soft surfaces such as a beanbag or couch where they can roll into a gap or pocket and suffocate.

■ Ensure there are no gaps between the mattress and their bed.

■ Remove any ribbons, strings or cords from bedding and clothing. Make sure the baby's bed is away from windows, curtains and blind cords to avoid strangulation.

■ Sleep baby in the same room as their parent/caregiver for the first six months.

■ Babies shouldn't sleep in bed with another person.

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