Geraldine artist to exhibit overseas

18:36, Dec 08 2013
richard bolton
PAINTING PERFECTION: Richard Bolton has been invited to show paintings at two highly acclaimed international exhibitions.

There is an internationally acclaimed artist in our midst.

Geraldine artist Richard Bolton has been invited to show his watercolour paintings at two major international exhibitions.

The first is the Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial in China, where about 3000 artists applied to have their work selected for 240 places.

"It's a really prestigious exhibition and I'm very proud to have my work in it," he said.

The second is the Vincenza Palladio Basilica in Italy, where 30 artists worldwide were invited to exhibit works which will be viewed by thousands of people from February to May next year.

"It's nice to know that I haven't been forgotten since moving to New Zealand."


Bolton hails from St Ives in the United Kingdom, where he is very well recognised.

It was there he had a very encouraging start to his career, initially as an illustrator in his early 20s, then as a watercolour artist and a writer of painting books.

He is still collecting royalties from books he wrote in the 1970s.

"When I finished art school I was lucky enough to be given a job as an illustrator. I worked mostly in pen and ink, and after a while I had quite a few works, so decided to have an exhibition."

At that first exhibition "everything just sold".

"They were asking me for more, so I thought - 'I wonder if I can make a living in this? It's a wonderful thing to have spent my life doing. I'm just so lucky."

Bolton works from photographs, and paints a wide variety of subjects.

He met his wife Margaret, who is originally from Otaio, when she travelled to England on her OE in the 1970s. The couple moved to New Zealand 10 years ago.

Bolton is exhibiting 27 of his works at Saffron Gallery of Art on Pages Rd until the end of January.

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