Teachers' trust in Novopay lost

One year and five months after it was introduced, the teacher pay system, Novopay, is still causing issues for some South Canterbury teachers.

Pleasant Point Primary teacher Barbara Curran, the South Canterbury branch president of the primary teachers union NZEI, said most problems had been ironed out, but there were still issues surrounding the number of sick days some teachers were entitled to.

Schools throughout the country complained they had no idea how much leave staff had earned or used after Novopay readjusted all sick leave entitlements.

"Novopay has identified that as a major focus, as something they need to get right," Ms Curran said.

Problems with Novopay have been ongoing since it was introduced in August 2012.

Ms Curran said it would take a while before teachers had their faith in the system restored.

"They've lost the trust of the sector, and it will take a long time to get that trust back."

The Timaru Herald