Warehouse makes way for parking

17:43, Dec 15 2013
Warehouse demolition
SWAPPED SPACE: A building which was used as a warehouse is being demolished to make way for Woollcombe House car parking.

The demolition of a building in Barnard St, Timaru, will not create more carparking for the public.

Instead the space will be used to replace Woollcombe House tenants' car parking lost with the sale of the Beaurepaires site next door.

One of property developer Keith Whitehead's companies owns Woollcombe House and also owned Beaurepaires. Forty car parks were provided for Woollcombe House tenants behind the Beaurepaires building.

The Herald understands the new owner will rent the property to Beaurepaires but has no interest or obligation in providing carparks for Woollcombe House tenants. The sale will be settled at the end of January.

To continue providing the Woolcombe House tenants with the 144 car parks in total as per their lease Mr Whitehead has demolished a warehouse to make up for the lost 40 car parks.

The building only reached 29 per cent of the building code standard and the decision was made not to earthquake strengthen it to the required 33.3 per cent, Mr Whitehead said.

It was used for the storage of imported gym equipment by a local business. "We looked at other options like buying adjoining properties but decided we already owned it so this was the way to go."


The Timaru Herald