14kg shark Hook's catch of the day

01:30, Dec 16 2013
Elephant fish
HUGE CATCH: Jason Fattorini drags an elephant fish up the hill after it was caught by fishing partner Murray Aitken at the Hook Beach annual fishing competition.

Yesterday's third annual Hook Beach fishing competition attracted almost 100 entrants.

They met at Hook Beach, Makikihi, and competed in teams of two from 10am until 2pm.

The top prize, for the most fish caught by weight, went to Craig Rowley and Renee Bullock, who caught 25 kilograms of fish between them, winning $300.

surf fishing competition
SEA OF LINE: More than 100 fishers stake out a spot on Hook Beach for the annual fishing competition.

The prize for the heaviest fish went to Travis Myer, who caught a 14kg seven-gilled shark.

Jason Champion won the under-13 section for the second year in a row, beating 10 other competitors in his age group. Val Bennett won the prize for best fisherwoman, also for the second year running.

Organiser Ken Baker was delighted with the way the competition played out this year.


"It's growing every year. We had excellent fishing, and 99 per cent of what was caught will be eaten," Mr Baker said.

Brian Briggs, who helped organise the event, said it was interesting how some caught more than others, even though they stood alongside one another at the beach.

"A lot of it has to do with what bait they use, how far they can cast, and the tension they keep on the line."

He said catches included elephant fish, trout, flounder, crabs, skate and shark.

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