Speeders fall prey in droves

19:35, Dec 18 2013
speed camera
JUST THE TICKET: A speed camera has been snapping plenty of errant motorists.

Think you can outsmart a speed camera? Think again.

On Monday, 856 of the 7691 motorists passing a speed camera in King St, Timaru, were exceeding the 50kmh limit. The camera was in a van next to Timaru South School and was in position for nine hours.

Of those photographed, 677 vehicles were snapped exceeding the newly enforced 4kmh speed tolerance.

It is the first time such a campaign has lasted longer than a weekend and, if successful, it could be rolled out permanently. The vehicles photographed throughout the day, snapped in various speed brackets, included 86 trucks and 31 cars with trailers.

For the speed camera operator, it was the busiest day of his career.

Sergeant Simon Heeley said people exceeding the 4kmh tolerance were more of a problem in the town than on the open highway.


"I've been out on the highway today - it seems to be good ... people around town aren't being as vigilant," he said.

"People need to get used to sticking to the speeds around town."

He warns motorists to ease off the accelerator as the chances of getting caught will increase in the new year.

"We're interviewing next week for two new operators. So, from next year, [the van] will be deployed from 6am to midnight. We want to slow [motorists] down, not catch them. That's the bottom line."


104-110kmh $30, 10 demerits

111-115kmh $80, 20 demerits

116-120kmh $170, 35 demerits

The Timaru Herald