Luxury-plus abode all ready to roll

03:57, Dec 19 2013
the endeavour
The bus is 21 metres long and weighs 14.7 tonnes.
the endeavour
The kitchen and bedroom can extend when the bus is parked.
the endeavour
The kitchen and bedroom can extend when the bus is parked.
the endeavour
The back of the bus carries a cheerful message.
the endeavour
Italian leather upholstery helps make for a comfortable ride.
the endeavour
The kitchen and lounge.
the endeavour
Merv's bathroom.
the endeavour
Merv is hands on with the computer.
the endeavour
Room for the TV.
the endeavour
And the washing machine.

Mervyn Tyree has been mobile most of his life.

From his years at sea with the navy as a mechanical engineer and diver to a home on wheels.

A 2009 Mitsubishi Fuso chassis was the blank canvas. The bus was designed and built to his specifications by Platinum Motorhomes north of Auckland.

merv tyree
CREATURE COMFORTS: Merv Tyree at home in The Endeavour.

The bus is a nine speed turbo-charged fuel injected six cylinder manual with 270 horse power.

Andrew Tapp and Andrew Dazeley, both former custom boat builders helped Mr Tyree realise his vision.

"I looked all around to buy a motor home; I looked at imports but they were all full of rust and American ones were all petrol or left hand drive."


Built in fibreglass, Mr Tyree says, "it's strong and also light weight."

"It's got everything that you'd have in a house."

That includes an on board computer that keeps tabs on the water, gas and power.

The computer monitors three deep cell batteries with 780 amp hours, two 800 litre tanks for grey and fresh water, three solar panels with a maximum 16.5 volt output, and a 5.5 kilowatt generator.

There is also the washing machine, satellite finder, stereo and 32 inch pop up television to add to the creature comforts. Three nine kilogram gas bottles keep the water hot and the eggs scrambled.

"If you are running 230 volts you are draining power; if you run the television at night the battery bank will drop to 90 per cent."

Hot water is not a problem, he says.

"You can stand in the shower with 800 litres of water and have a decent shower."

And going travelling is another bonus.

"It's been to Cape Reinga and back."

So why a mobile home?

"If you don't like your neighbours you can move on," he jokes. "When I decided we'd build it, I said it's an endeavour to put together and that's why it's called The Endeavour.

"Basically you can go anywhere you like with something like this. It's a different way of life but it's no different from living in a house. It's a four berth, but I've had 22 people in it during a naval reunion."

South Canterbury