Free mobile app gives health advice

17:55, Dec 19 2013
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QUICK HELP: Healthline has a free downloadable app for health advice and information.

South Canterbury residents who find themselves with a suspicious rash and out of reach of a doctor, now need only to check their cellphones.

Healthline now has a free downloadable app that provides expert health advice and information from Healthline, complementing the Healthline telephone advice service.

The Healthline symptom checker has a comprehensive list for people to find their problems by browsing specific symptoms like "widespread rash" or by the "body part" option.

The app will then suggest a course of action, whether it be call the ambulance or advice on how to manage the condition from home.

The symptom checker has been tailored for New Zealand conditions, with emergency numbers such as the National Poisons Centre and information on health organisations.

The app is available to download from the app store for iPhones or iPads or via the Healthline website.

Healthline received nearly 1000 calls from the South Canterbury District Health Board region in the July to September 2013 quarter, and demand is expected to remain high over the holiday period.


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