Finnish touch for the arts

18:08, Dec 19 2013
Hanne Honkanen
CREATIVE HOLIDAYS: Hanne Honkanen will be running a new art-based school holiday programme, the first of its kind in Timaru.

Hanne Honkanen is bringing her love for creativity all the way from Finland to Timaru.

In her home country Miss Honkanen has been working since 2006 as a literary arts teacher - a subject that is, on its own, foreign to New Zealand schools.

"It's about creativity and what you can do with stories; not just reading them, but making drama, art, and creating your own stories and words from them."

"We combine different media and tools for a better result."

In Finland, the government invests a lot of money into arts education, according to Miss Honkanen. "Almost every child has an art education. It's a base for their whole being. People who are able to be creative do well in life. They have the skills to adapt and be confident and passionate."

Miss Honkanen has come to Timaru to be with her partner, a New Zealander whom she met in Finland.


She says she misses her family and her language, but loves the relaxed and friendly attitude here.

She is running an arts and drama holiday programme for two weeks from January 6 at The Playhouse, and will be using traditional fairy tales as inspiration for drama, drawing, writing, and other creative ventures. She hopes to work with a small group of about 10 children.

Eventually Miss Honkanen would like to open an arts centre in Timaru.

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