Calendar challenges stereotypes

18:31, Dec 22 2013
tattoo calendar
CHARITY CALENDAR: Tattooed models Liv O’Connell, left, and Loren Evans right, show off their pages in the calendar with photographer Richard Brown and Happy the dog.

Tattoos and dogs may be frightening to some, but a group of young tattooed Timaruvians are hoping to break that stereotype.

Combining their love of animals and body art, Loren Evans and Liv O'Connell have made a charity calendar showing there is more to girls with tattoos and "dangerous dogs" than we think.

"People think because you've got tattoos you're scary, but quite often that's not the truth," said Liv.

The idea for the calendar came about in August after Loren had competed in the Miss Ink Christchurch competition and wanted to do something more with her tattoos.

When she called her photographer friend Richard Brown about the idea, she was introduced to Liv O'Connell who wanted to make a calendar involving dogs.

Loren organised a different person for every month, including the members of the Timaru Roller Derby team and those she met through Miss Ink.


Every month has a theme portraying a different trade ranging from baker to mechanic.

Wanting the money to go to a charity, Liv, who works as a vet nurse, arranged for the money to go directly to dogs in need at the South Canterbury SPCA.

Richard Brown said he was used to taking photos of dogs by themselves, but trying to get a good shot of the model and the dog together was a nightmare.

The calendars cost $20 and are available at selected shops in Timaru.

For more information on where to pick up a copy, go to the SPCA South Canterbury Facebook page.

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