Doubly keen on Christmas

18:38, Dec 26 2013
xmas twins
CHRISTMAS TWINS: Shavaughn and Connor Bell turned 14 yesterday.

It may be a long wait for Christmas Day, but for Shavaughn and Connor Bell the double celebration is well worth it.

The Christmas twins celebrated their 14th birthday yesterday at home with family and friends. The pair have combined Christmas celebrations with their birthdays for the last two years.

"We used to have a party and friends over before Christmas but now we don't, as Dad said we are too old," explained Shavaughn.

"We just have our birthdays with Christmas and get our presents together."

The worst thing about being a Christmas baby, according to Connor, is the wait. "You have to wait all year to get your presents, and you don't get any halfway through the year," he said.

The upside is that the presents are combined and therefore a lot bigger.


"People forget to say happy birthday because they are thinking about Christmas, and kids at school never believe us when we say we were born on Christmas Day," Shavaughn said.

Parents Nicola and Burnie remember only too well the birth of their Christmas babies.

"The twins were six weeks premature; at 3am we rushed Nic to hospital," Mr Bell said. At 6.05am, the twins were born by caesarean section.

"The biggest thing for me that day was that it was the start of a big adventure," Mr Bell said.

"Connor was flown to Christchurch Hospital with heart complications. We had Christmas lunch with my parents and then moved to Christchurch for three weeks to be with Connor."

Shavaughn and Connor are the second set of twins in the family, joining Cameron and Natasha, now 20. Brother Adam is now 22.

As far as Christmas gifts go, Shavaughn believes she gave Mum and Dad the coolest present of all when she and Connor were born 14 years ago.

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