A year on, Sharon still smiling

18:44, Dec 26 2013
sharon watts
ON REFLECTION: Sharon Watts is enjoying life one year after having a 35-kilogram ovarian cyst removed.

Sharon Watts finds it hard to believe a year has passed since having a 35-kilogram ovarian cyst removed.

It was the week before Christmas when a scan illustrated the severity of her case - a shadow on her cyst - prompting a medical team at Timaru Hospital to get to work almost immediately.

The cyst was regarded as a "borderline" tumour, she said.

Her surgical team was led by gynaecologist Albert Makary on December 21. Mrs Watts now refers to him as her "mechanic".

"He must have thought about what he was going to do and put everything into action. It really amazed me. He's my mechanic - he's fantastic."

Mrs Watts instantly dropped two dress sizes, going from a 5XL to 3XL.


Although she had not lost as much weight as she would have liked, she was grateful to have achieved what she had one year on.

She has enjoyed having more energy to go about her day-to-day chores, including taking the family dog for a walk, four days a week.

"I wasn't doing that before. I'm able to walk comfortably and not have sore legs. I was quite a walker and I couldn't work out why I didn't have the energy for it."

She said her diagnosis made her one of the "lucky" ones.

"I still think about it. It's something that just pops up [in my mind] every now and again, but I'm very lucky."

She has checkups every four months, with the next one due in February.

"Obviously they are still going to keep an eye on me, so that's cool."

Mrs Watts was also grateful to several other staff at Timaru Hospital, who had helped her make a quick recovery.

"From the time I walked in till the time I walked out, they were just fantastic - all the staff ... I couldn't say enough about them."

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