Liquor warning from police

17:16, Dec 29 2013

"Flout the liquor ban and you run the risk of being hit with a $250 instant fine."

That's the message from Timaru police to people who want to break the rules within the liquor ban area.

Police warned a number of people in Stafford St on Saturday and one, a 21-year-old, received an instant fine of $250.

Last year, Timaru police apprehended about 150 people breaching the liquor ban.

Public places covered by the liquor ban in Timaru are Hewlings St, Sefton St, and Sefton St East, Sarah St, the Bay Hill, The Terrace, Strathallan St, Beswick St, Station St, Turnbull St, Stafford St, George St, Barnard St, Latter St, Butler St, North St, Perth St, Cains Terrace, Royal Arcade, Church St, Bank St, Sophia St, Theodosia St and Canon St.

Changes to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act also give police powers to issue fines of up to $2000 to adults who supply alcohol to minors without the consent of a parent or guardian.


The Timaru Herald