Young guns target carnival customers

21:45, Dec 29 2013
nick and phil anderson
ON TARGET: Twins Nick and Phil Anderson, 19, offer some great action with laser tag at the Caroline Bay Carnival.

Two Timaru brothers are helping locals shoot each point blank.

Twins Phil and Nick Anderson, 19, are behind laser tag at the Caroline Bay Carnival.

For the young entrepreneurs this is the second year they have had an activity at the carnival. Last year it was water walkers in the buzz boat pool, which is going ahead again this year.

''We did some research and came up with laser tag. It allows you to scope your opponent and shoot them with a laser which make a vibrating sound when it hits the other.

"We thought about paintball but thought this would be more suited and better for all ages as no one gets hurt,'' Phil said.

The first day had been quiet but Friday saw interest grow with more attending the carnival.


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