Revellers behaved over New Year's

Timaru police were "generally very pleased" with behaviour on New Year's Eve.

Senior Sergeant Randel Tikitiki compared the celebrations to a busy Saturday night.

"There were a lot of people around, but in general the majority of people were well behaved."

Six extra staff were deployed in the Mackenzie Country, where celebrations were also kept under control.

Two men were processed for drink-driving, including a 28-year-old who was arrested for driving with excess breath alcohol of 965 micrograms per litre of breath, well over twice the legal limit of 400.

Another Timaru male, 22, was processed for drink-driving with an EBA of 630mcg, and a 19-year-old was given a youth penalty for breaking the zero alcohol limit for under-20s with an EBA of 132mcg.

"It is still disappointing that the drink-driving message doesn't get through to some people," Mr Tikitiki said.

Five people were given warnings for breaching the liquor ban, and two women attracted police attention for disorderly behaviour and assaulting police.

The manager of Waitaki lakes camp sites, Simon Fox, was also pleased with revellers' behaviour.

"Everything's been pretty good, there's been no dramas. I would say it's an improvement on previous years. There was a group of youths at the usual hot spot this year, and they were good as gold."

Mr Fox suggested the damp weather might have something to do with the quiet celebrations.

The Timaru Herald