Ruby, James top of the tots

18:22, Jan 05 2014
Newborn baby
POPULAR NAMES: Ruby and James were South Canterbury's most popular baby names in 2013.

The parents have made their choices and the name game has been decided.

Ruby and James were the most popular names for babies born at Timaru Hospital in 2013.

Five girls were named Ruby, and seven boys were called James.

Other popular girls' names were Charlotte, given to four baby girls; and Amelia, Hazel, and Sophie, each given to three. Other popular boys' names were Toby, given to five baby boys, while Charlie and Liam were each given to four.

Alexander, Archie, Benjamin, Cooper, Flynn, George, Hamish, Hunter, Jack, Jonty, Ryder, Thomas and Xavier also made a name for themselves in 2013.

Other popular girls' names included Arabella, Isabella/Isabel, Jessica, Libby, Sarah and Molly.


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