Generous act restores faith

18:50, Jan 02 2014
timaru ann white grave david lowrey sonia sullivan
KINDNESS: David Lowrey and Sonia Sullivan gave Timaru woman Ann White two flower holders for her daughter's grave to replace those that were stolen.

A spot of New Year goodwill has restored Anne White's faith in humanity after her Christmas was tainted by thieves.

Two flower holders that adorned her daughter's headstone and bouquets of artificial flowers were stolen before Christmas, but now colleagues Sonia Sullivan (from Aorangi Funeral Home) and David Lowrey (McBride's Monumental Masons) have given her two new ones.

"We saw it in the paper and thought - we have to do something. We are in a position to help and we're delighted to be able to do it," Mrs Sullivan said.

Mrs White was "so, so grateful" for the thoughtfulness and generosity.

"I was just starting to think I would have to come and buy some more. It means a lot," she said.

Mrs White's daughter Colleen died 23 years ago when she was only 12 years old. "Having the flowers stolen, it really hurt. The fact it was from a child's grave made it worse."


Mrs White wrote a letter to the editor on Monday.

"My other daughter said we probably couldn't do anything about it, but it pays to let people know that what they do hurts people."

Mr Lowrey said vandalism and theft from gravesites was uncommon in Timaru. "It very rarely happens, but when it does it can be quite upsetting. Sometimes people need to be reminded that it's not good, and it does have consequences."

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