'Tis the season for domestic disputes

Family disputes are the main issue keeping Timaru police busy this festive season.

Sergeant Milo Hamilton said while people's behaviour had generally been good, domestic disputes were among the most prominent problems being reported to police.

"People are not dealing with family issues at the moment.. There's been a lot of domestics - I'm not talking about assaults, I'm talking about arguing."

He said in many cases it was fuelled by alcohol.

"Some [people] need to take a break. If they feel the pressure's getting too much, [they should] go for a walk because it is a stressful time of year, especially with kids at home all the time and money [being tight]."

He said generally the public's overall behaviour had been pleasing.

"Basically, around town at the moment it's just been that family atmosphere."

The Timaru Herald