Photos enter historic record

01:24, Jan 08 2014
allison bennet
CAPTURED ON CAMERA: Photographer Allison Bennet sets up a shot at St Mary's Church, Timaru.

Timaru woman Allison Bennet says she just takes photographs for fun, but some of her work has found its way to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) register of listed buildings.

With no formal training, just an interest in photography, Mrs Bennet came across the Flickr group which included requests for images of registered buildings and listed sites for NZHPT.

"Some of the requests were in my area and the photos were used to provide a new or updated image for an NZHPT listing," she said.

Although Mrs Bennet admits she has a particular interest in old churches, she also photographs other structures and weather features.

"The churches in New Zealand are comparatively new when compared with those in England, some of which are early mediaeval," she said.

"I went to the Sacred Heart Basilica for the first time and I was also able to photograph a church in Cave which has some excellent stained glass windows. Both were just stunning.


"Unfortunately, some of the rural churches are locked for security reasons during the day, but there are some great possibilities amongst these."

Not all her subjects are in and around Timaru.

"In 2009 I photographed Godley House on Lyttleton Harbour which was demolished after the February 2011 earthquakes and I have also taken Melrose House in the Marlborough Sounds.

"Closer to home, I photographed a sod wall at Claremont which has now disintegrated.

This year, the focus of Mrs Bennet's work behind the camera has been the sky.

"The South Island sky is so expansive," she said.

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