Subtle changes to festival

03:14, Jan 10 2014
vaughan o'shaughnessy, karen mccrostie, carol angland
WORK IN PROGRESS: Planning the location of the stage for the South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival at the Botanical Gardens are, from left, Vaughan O'Shaughnessy, Karen McCrostie and Carol Angland.

Subtle changes are in store for this year's South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival.

The February 2 event at the Timaru Botanical Gardens will feature a range of changes as a result of public feedback, co-organiser Carol Angland said.

Those changes have been confirmed, including one entrance to the event instead of the usual two.

"Instead of having two entrances, one from the north and one from the south, we're just having a double entrance from the south end.

"That means we can make use of the trees at the north for more seating areas and it gives us more room for stalls. It also enables us to have more room for dancing and we can now provide a few tables and chairs by the food stalls, with nice views looking over the lake," she said.

"It's a few subtle changes to make it a better flow and hopefully make it better for everyone."


She said it was always worth considering ways to improve the event.

This year's event will feature a lineup of entertainment by "home-grown" performers, including Kaylee Bell, Bex Murray and Ella Thomas.

It is the fourth year the event has been hosted in the gardens, but is into its 13th year in total. In previous years it was held at Hadlow.

Ms Angland said that although the previous location had a lot to offer, having it in the gardens had been a great success.

"It's [now] close to town and is easier access for people."

The surroundings of the garden and lake had also been popular, she said.

"Just having water and trees around you, and the beautiful gardens, it provides a natural relaxing atmosphere. It's equally good for the children. We're very happy with the present location."

Organisers are expecting up to 50 stallholders, who will provide a range of cuisines. New restaurants in town are also taking part this year, adding to the reason behind a switch from the usual Saturday to Sunday.

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