Library's quake-risk shelves out of bounds

18:28, Jan 09 2014

Stack shelving at Timaru Library is off limits due to being an earthquake risk.

The half a dozen shelves containing old, duplicate and generally non-requested books is not in the public area and has been cordoned off from staff.

Timaru District community services group manager Sharon Matson said the council took health and safety seriously and aimed to make workplaces as safe as humanly possible.

"We looked at the stack and decided it could be dangerous and an unacceptable risk," she said.

The books were only ever accessible to staff and Mrs Matson said a lot of people were not aware of them.

However, if people have requested a book which is on the stack, she said they would try to source it from another library. Plans to fix the shelving is on the work list for this year.

Mrs Matson said they were looking at how other libraries dealt with high shelving.


The Timaru Herald