Bike theft irks family

A Temuka family was upset to find one of their motorbikes stolen last Thursday or Friday night.

The St Leonards Rd residents noticed the loss of the blue Yamaha PW80, a helmet, 10 cans of bourbon and some tools on their return from a trip on Saturday.

Stephanie Andreassend said the thieves had not touched any beer or two other motorcycles also in the same garage.

The stolen bike belonged to her 10-year-old daughter and that particular model was no longer produced.

The bike was valued at $2200 and had probably been wheeled away as it had a very loud 2-stroke engine when started, Mrs Andreassend said.

An unlocked side door had allowed easy entry and the offenders appeared to have left an empty soft drink container nearby which police had taken for analysis.

Mrs Andreassend said the motorbike was insured but she would prefer it was found. Security at the property has been improved.

The Timaru Herald