Insect sting claims made by workers

02:26, Jan 15 2014
COSTLY STINGS: Wasps are among the culprits when it comes to work-related Accident Compensation Corporation claims.

The Accident Compensation Corporation supplied the South Canterbury Herald with the following statistics for work-related allergy claims for the South Canterbury district.

Claim costs for 2013 will be lower because figures show "costs accrued to date." Because of the small numbers ACC cannot identify industries more susceptible to such claims.

There were 22 claims for allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock suffered while on the job in South Canterbury last year.

That compares to 22 similar claims made to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in 2012 and 19 in 2011.

Figures obtained by Fairfax under the Official Information Act show more than $280,000 was paid out nationally in the year ending June 30, 2012, to people who had anaphylactic or allergic reactions to food or insect venom or another substance in their workplace.

ACC supplied local figures to the South Canterbury Herald which showed that bees, wasps and insects were common culprits.


Claim costs shown for a particular year are the costs accrued "to date" for any claims accepted that year. This means costs for earlier years will tend to be higher, because there has been more time for any ongoing claims received in those years to accrue costs.

Where a much higher cost has been accrued, for instance $6135 for insect bites in 2012 it is most likely due to injury severity , resulting in more treatment or weekly compensation.


2011, 19; 2012, 22; 2013, 22.

Type and value of claims: Allergic reaction to bee sting: 2011: $120, 2012: $179, 2013: $107.
Allergic reaction to insect bite, 2012: $46, 2013: $154.
Allergy, unspecified, 2012: $658. Anaphylactic shock, 2012: $1081, 2013: $47.
Insect Bite, 2011: $505, 2012: $6135, 2013: $500.
Toxic reaction to bees, wasps etc, 2011: $91, 2012: $1226, 2013: $1461.

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