Historic image found in furniture

02:26, Jan 15 2014
historic family portrait
FAMILY PORTRAIT: Do you recognise this family? The photo was found recently in a chest of drawers.

A woman who discovered an old photograph wants to return it to its family.

Heather Smith and her neighbour were dismantling an old chest of drawers when they found a historic photo wedged at the back.

Heather brought the sepia-toned photograph into the South Canterbury Herald hoping a reader might be able to identify the people and restore it to its proper home.

''It may be valuable to somebody - rather than just biff it.''

She bought the drawers at auction for $30 about a month ago for her neighbour to recycle the wood. She is not sure how old the drawers were but they had 1930s handles. The photo was wedged between two linings at the back.

South Canterbury Museum curator of collections Davina Davis said the photo was most likely Edwardian, from the period 1900 to 1910.

''In the 1890s the sleeves would have been much bigger and it's a relaxed style of hair.''

Styles changed a few years later during World War I, although the odd person may have still dressed in Edwardian fashions then, she said.


South Canterbury