Police determined to smoke out arsonists

21:30, Jan 15 2014
Chris and Arron Walsh
FRUSTRATING: A tip-off to police about the burning of Kurow's 'hay family' has so far failed to reveal a culprit.

Kurow police are determined to catch those responsible for setting the town's "hay family" alight, sending hundreds of dollars up in smoke.

Constable Craig Bennett was given a tip off this week about a car doing a u-turn near the hay bales, but his informant got their days wrong.

The Kurow hay family, which were recently transformed to portray minions from the movie Despicable Me, were destroyed by the fire at 3am on January 8.

Firefighters were unable to save the characters, made from nine large round hay bales.

Mr Bennett has viewed video footage, but it was too distant to make out the registration of the car, or its colour, make and model.

"We could see brake lights of the vehicle and that kind of thing and a vehicle stopped.


"We're still looking for any further information in regards to it," Mr Bennett said. "As we all know, someone out there will know [the people or person responsible]. Somebody would have already spoken to somebody about it."

Mr Bennett said the suspected arson was a loss to the wider Kurow community. "[There was] $1500 worth of community money that literally went up in smoke - that's trust money that's donated by the community and that's not taking in the time."

A replacement, which portrays an evil minion from the movie's sequel, now stands in the "hay people's" place.

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