Readers turn to digital format

17:37, Jan 16 2014
LIGHT READING: Librarian at the Timaru District Library Jade Morris demonstrates how to use the increasingly popular e-book system.

E-books are proving popular with readers after Timaru District Library introduced them in May 2012.

Youth services librarian Sue Maxwell said the library currently has 2638 e-books on offer, with new titles being added to the e-platform all the time. The number issued has ranged between 800 and 1000 per month.

"Issues peaked at 1067 last January and it remains to be seen whether this is a trend that will be repeated this year," said Ms Maxwell.

Any member of the Timaru District Libraries withan e-reader, tablet, laptop, home PC, or smartphone and the right software can get an e-book out from the library.

Once you have selected a book you can download it to your device, where it stays for the standard loan period of four weeks. On the due date the e-book will disappear from your device.

One of the reasons e-books are well liked is they are light and able to hold a number of books. Senior librarian Linda Bennie said one woman told her she was able to load 10 books on her e-reader to take on holiday, which meant she was able to fit more shoes in her bag.

Ms Maxwell said they did not know for sure if e-books were affecting hard copy issues.

However, nationally libraries were seeing a drop in books issued and an increase of library usage for other reason including e-books and internet.


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