ABs and the motorhome

Hazel Fish
Hazel Fish

This week's community profile is on home schooler Hazel Fish of Waimate who has helped bring together the Children's Theatre Skills Workshop being run tomorrow by the Waimate Theatre Company.

Favourite sports team?

The All Blacks, of course. Although (being from England) it can get tricky to know who to support when the two teams play each other!

What charity would you give money to?

Hospice care and cancer charities. A couple of my childhood friends are currently receiving treatment for cancer and it would be great to think that research will soon unlock the answer to treating cancers. Until that happens, having a good local hospice care team is also a great help to those that need it, and their families.

Are you a night owl or a lark?

Some days aren't long enough and I end up having to be both, but actually I don't think I'm at my best at either end of the day!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Neither. Much more a rabbit and guinea-pig person!

What is your occupation?

Currently I homeschool our sons, but originally I trained and worked as a physiotherapist.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?

I would like to get back to my original plan which was to teach undergraduate and postgraduate physios while studying for my PhD, but that's not feasible right now. Maybe it's something that will come together once the boys leave home.

Best advice you ever got?

If you know something is right, stick with it.

Favourite other country?

Southern Ireland. My maternal grandfather was from County Kerry and my husband and I were lucky enough to visit some years ago and see the house where my grandfather had lived as a child (his youngest brother was still living in it) and go to Mass at the local church. I loved the scenery and the people.

Do you have any hobbies?

I'm pretty busy involved with clubs and organisations in Waimate and being taxi-driver to the children, but when I get time I like to read or sew. Of course, I also love to dance.

What is your favourite South Canterbury restaurant?

I love hanging out with a cup of tea and cheesecake at ARTrio in Waimate, and have really missed being able to pop in there the past few months (while the owners are taking a trip home to Malaysia).

The owners make you feel welcome and valued and, most importantly, relaxed. They also helped our boys practice their Mandarin Chinese speaking when they were studying a short course last year.

Other than that, I enjoy eating at The Punjab Indian restaurant in Stafford Street, Timaru.

What do you love about the region?

I love the mountains of the Southern Alps and being able to ski in the winter. Camping by Lake Aviemore in the summer. The great facilities in Caroline Bay.

There's such a variety of things to do and places to go, and no traffic queues to get around. Most of all I love the friendliness of the people.

In Waimate there are so many clubs and activities covering an enormous range of likes and interests, and the locals are so involved and supportive.

What was your first job?

I worked weekend evenings in the restaurant and behind the bar of a local pub in England during my last two years of school.

We had a mixture of yachties from tying up their boats on the other side of the road, and locals. It was a fun place and a good job.

What's the one single thing you'd really like to have an answer to?

When my eldest was three years old he asked me "How do we think?" I still haven't come up with an answer for him, so if anyone can help out ...

If you could live in any time in history, when would it be?

I love reading about the time of King Henry VIII and Mary and Elizabeth following him, but it seems it was easy to upset someone and have your head chopped off, so I think living now is just fine.

I think the advancement of technology is just incredible, and wonder what gadgets we will have in the next few decades that we cannot even imagine about now.

What thing, besides family photos and pets and people, would you save if your house were on fire?

Well, as this is a hypothetical question, I think I'd have to save my hypothetical Jimmy Choos! For those of you that know me, you know I neither have them nor crave them.

For real, I think I would make sure I grab the keys of our motorhome. As a family we've had lots of fun exploring New Zealand in it, and I'd hate to miss out on weekend trips away.

On a very practical note (which is me all over!) it would also mean I'd have a roof over my head while the house got fixed.

Favourite line of Shakespeare?

"We know what we are, but we know not what we may be." (Hamlet). See brainy quote.com


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