Pay It Forward pays off

21:14, Jan 20 2014
Kim Dynes
Success story: Kim Dynes, left, and Judy Smith, right are helped by Keira, 5, Michael, 3, and Marissa Shannon, 7, to collect items from the mail box for Temuka Pay it Forward.

Temuka Pay it Forward is paying off.

The concept, which encourages people to donate items they no longer need for someone else to use, now has 435 members.

Co-ordinators Kim Dynes and Judy Smith established the Facebook page five months ago, with the philosophy of helping people access things they need without the complication of money.

The receiver repays the favour one day, passing the same item or a different one on to someone else.

All trading is done free of charge.

The success of the project is pleasing for those who set it up.


''When it got to 200 we thought we'll have to do something to celebrate. Now it's [more than] 400 - it's doubled in two weeks,'' Mrs Smith said.

She said what was more pleasing was it had changed people's way of thinking.

''It's evolved. People have made friends and are getting to know other people in the community - that's one of the bonuses; and it's encouraging people to help people out, I think,'' Mrs Smith said.

''It's not just to ... get rid of things. It's to get people to think differently about not going out and buying something new - it's passing something on,'' she said.

''People get a buzz out of giving stuff away. The liberating feeling of giving without the complications of cash is new to some people ... and they like it.'' 

Mrs Dynes is delighted at the variety of goods and services.

''Someone's just posted [on the page] bride magazines, there's a stroller, a barbecue - pretty much anything you can think of is on there: vegetables, netball posts and someone's asked for a ride to Washdyke today.''

Mrs Smith said the concept evolved as more people joined.

Those who provide the items or wish to receive, communicate between each other via Facebook to arrange pick up or delivery.

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