Homeless man jailed

17:07, Jan 20 2014

A homeless man now has a bed in jail after being sentenced on a raft of charges.

Richard Alexander Shanks, 24, of Timaru was sentenced to six months' imprisonment when he appeared in the Timaru District Court yesterday on five charges of wilful damage, assaulting a female, breach of a protection order, breach of release conditions and trespass.

Judge Joanna Maze noted most of Shanks' offending was motivdhated by a need to find a place to stay.

In October last year he assaulted a woman who had a protection order against him.

He went to a motel to make a phone call, became angry and smashed the phone.

In November he breached a trespass order and accumulated four charges of wilful damage after he threw rocks at cars and smashed a windscreen. 

''Previous attempts to help you have failed miserably. You need complex treatment but you will not co-operate. You have 14 previous convictions for breaching court orders.''

He was also ordered to pay $6000 in damages.


The Timaru Herald