Temuka pool still popular

18:24, Jan 20 2014
temuka swimming pool
WARM: Aqua Fitness club members made the most of the warm weather - and water - at the Temuka Domain pool.

A trip to the Temuka pool continues to be a popular holiday activity since it opened for summer on November 15, with a new $82,500 heater having been installed.

Team leader Marj Irving said the pool's temperature had never dipped under a reliable 27 degrees Celsius.

"Sometimes last year on cooler days it would be around 25 or 26 degrees, but the new heater has definitely made a difference to numbers."

The new heater unit has been operating with "no trouble", she said.

"It's definitely money well spent. We expect it will do a good job for quite a few years."

Mrs Irving said the pool was still a popular destination, even after Timaru's $23.5 million CBay complex opened.

"Temuka [people] go in there and we get Timaru ones coming out to us. They like being able to sit outside in the fresh air and play some mini- golf and go to the playground. It's something different."

The Temuka pool is hosting a pool party on January 26 from 1pm to 4pm.


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