High speed driver loses licence

21:43, Jan 20 2014

A Timaru freezing worker clocked at 207kmh on Seadown Rd has lost his licence for nine months.

In the Timaru District Court today, Corey Adam Ennis, 21, admitted a charge of driving dangerously on January 11.

Police said he was caught travelling at 207km at 3.08pm and he told them he thought he would show off to his brother in the car.

However, Ennis's counsel disputed this and said Ennis had a turbo wheel in his car and was trying to fix it.

Senior Constable Alister Doonan told The Timaru Herald at the time it was the fastest he'd caught anyone going during his 30-year career.

Judge Joanna Maze said when she first moved to the area, she rented on Seadown Rd and was familiar with the houses on it, " which in fact many are family homes".


"The charge is on the basis of dangerous speed. You were clocked at 207kmh on a road comprised mainly of straights.

"More importantly, it is an area where there are family homes lining the roads. It happened at 3pm when you expect - and they are entitled - to use that road. Had you lost control, you would have left the road and could have endangered people or livestock."

Ennis was disqualified from driving for nine months and sentenced to 80 hours' community work. 

The Timaru Herald