World record attempt at Twizel

21:52, Jan 21 2014
Twizel farmer Mike Lindsay
BIG SHEAR: Twizel farmer Mike Lindsay with one of the ‘‘woolly four’’ who will be shorn in a Guiness Book of Records attempt this weekend.

Twizel sheep farmer Mike Lindsay is on a mission to set a new Guinness world record with the help of a very woolly foursome.

The attempt will be for the most wool sheared from one sheep and it will take place on Saturday at the Omahau Hill Station woolshed.

The sheep will be one of four "big woollies" which were finally captured last year after escaping muster for about five years after straying on to retired land.

Mr Lindsay knew the sheep were there and their location was also pointed out by trampers, who spotted them in the distance on a few occasions.

To meet Guinness record requirements, two separate sheep shearing judges and a vet will witness the shearing, which will be done by a top New Zealand blade shearer.

Video footage and personal witness accounts will then be passed to the Guiness record officials before final confirmation of the record can be given.


Mr Lindsay's daughter Jess said her father was hoping to use the wool, in some way, to raise money for the new Twizel medical centre.

The shearing will take place in front of friends, neighbours, shearing enthusiasts, local media, and even a documentary crew from Germany.

But the four "stars" of the show are proving not to be the most helpful when it comes to pre-show publicity.

In fact after attempting to photograph them in all their woolly glory yesterday, Miss Lindsay announced: "I'm glad I'm not a fulltime sheep photographer."

The Timaru Herald