Taking a stand over signs

18:55, Jan 26 2014
Geoff Gibson
REBEL: Geoff Gibson stands between a compliant sign, and a non-compliant protest sign outside his father Murray's shop, Gibson’s Hairdressers and Tobaccanists on Church St.

Timaru business owner Murray Gibson finally rebelled yesterday and deliberately placed a non-compliant sign on one of his veranda posts to show his solidarity with "the butcher up the road".

Mr Gibson removed his signs when asked to do so by the Timaru District Council last October to avoid them being forcibly removed and being landed with a fine.

The council said it had received a complaint from a woman who said she was unable to get out of her car because of the sign. Now Mr Gibson has decided to thumb his nose at council bylaws after butcher Mark McDonald was warned to do something about his signs.

Mr McDonald has been overwhelmed by support for his stand in refusing to relocate his signage and was surprised at Mr Gibson's actions.

"Good on him. It's definitely ruffled a few feathers," Mr McDonald said.

Mr Gibson's son Geoff, who works in his father's shop, said he expected the council had things to do other than worry about unobtrusive signs.

He pointed out that any signs on posts would not interfere with car doors as passengers would avoid hitting the door against a post when exiting anyway.

"They [the council] should be worrying about roading and signs in town and not pick on the small people as we don't have the resources to fight back. We're just trying to make a living," Geoff Gibson said.


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