Timaru Herald top 6: January 27, 2014

22:49, Jan 26 2014
south canterbury flood risk area
FLOOD RISK: South Canterbury is more likely to be affected by a flood than any other natural hazard.

The malicious sale of a Timaru couple's car caught online readers' attention last week.

Butcher Mark McDonald's stand against a council order to remove signs outside his shop on Church St generated a lot of social media responses last week.

Support for Mr McDonald filled The Timaru Herald's facebook page, and two stories about the situation were both in our weekly top 6 review of stories.

mark mcdonald
PUBLIC SUPPORT: Are these signs outside a butcher's shop a problem?


1. Couple shocked to find car put up for sale



Cathy and Brian Sadler
NOT FOR SALE: Honda Accord owners Cathy and Brian Sadler are upset someone has maliciously advertised their car for sale when it is not on the market.

Car owner Cathy Sadler was gobsmacked when a stranger turned up on her doorstep in Timaru on Thursday morning to buy her vehicle, which is not for sale.

2. Butcher adamant he won't chop signs


A Church St shop owner is defiant in the face of council threats to confiscate his signs if he does not move them, while a fellow business owner claims he has lost 50 per cent of sales by being compliant.

3. Railcar damaged by car collision


Pleasant Point's historic Model T Ford railcar is out of action after a collision yesterday afternoon.

4. Children watch as mother beaten


Four children witnessed a Timaru man drag a woman by her hair, strangle and beat her, the Timaru District Court has been told.

5. Flooding major disaster for Sth Canty


The rupture of the Alpine Fault would create the greatest civil defence emergency in South Canterbury, but we're most likely to be affected by flooding.

6. Public backs signs stance


The public has risen up in support of a Church St butcher who is refusing to take his signs down, despite Timaru District Council requests.

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