Facebook flushes out the vandals

18:30, Jan 27 2014

Facebook is helping the Timaru District Council find a trail to those responsible for a soap attack on the piazza fountain.

The council's after-hours number was called early on Sunday after a contractor discovered the fountain had been filled with detergent.

Council district services manager Ashley Harper said no immediate corrective action was needed but continued monitoring was being carried out.

The council then received information regarding photos and comments posted on Facebook, he said.

"Our Facebook information tells us who the instigators are and they can expect to hear from either us or the Timaru police in due course," Mr Harper said.

"These types of incidents are mindless and can cost up to $1000 to remedy. If anybody thinks they can do it, they can expect to hear from police."

A spate of soap attacks on Timaru fountains in 2013 cost $1750.

The council's annual vandalism bill is nearly $230,000.


The Timaru Herald