Vintage cards found

21:00, Jan 28 2014
martha pratt
RETURNED TO RECEIVER: Martha Pratt with the postcards that were sent to her father Ted Pratt in 1909.

Two postcards sent 105 years ago have made their way back to the family they were addressed to.

While cleaning out the book collection at Creative Corner, Diane Raynel found an old scrapbook filled with old postcards and birthday cards.

She picked out two that stood out the most, a postcard with a raised picture of a tabby cat and another with a fluffy white cat and the words "Her Majesty" underneath. Both simply addressed to Ted Pratt Junior, Stafford Street, Timaru.

martha pratt
VINTAGE POSTAGE: The postcards sent to Ted Pratt junior in 1909 found by Diane Raynel.

Written on one card dated 19/12/1909 is "Wishing you the compliments of the season. Eddie." On the other was "one for her scrapbook".

Thinking it would be lovely to find out who they belonged to, she gave the cards to her dad Norman Raynel, who used to be the postmaster at Geraldine, in the hope he might be able to identify the postage stamps.

Mr Raynel went through the phone book making a list of all the Pratts. He called around but none of the people he spoke to knew of anyone by the name of Ted Pratt in their family.


martha pratt
OLD STAFFORD: The Pratt family stand outside their Stafford St hairdressers business in the early 1900s, where two postcards were sent to Ted Pratt junior, left, and returned to his daughter Martha 105 years later.

There were two names on the list Mr Raynel had yet to get a hold of before bringing them to The Timaru Herald. The first was also not a part of that family but lucky last was Martha Pratt, whose dad was Edward Pratt Junior, known as Ted.

Mrs Pratt said she was surprised to see the postcards and didn't know how they would have ended up at Creative Corner.

She said she use to make scrapbooks of her old Christmas and birthday cards and give them to kindergartens, but nothing with postcards as old as the ones found.

She also said she didn't have a clue who Eddie was.

Her father Ted was a hairdresser at 214 Stafford St, where the family business had been for more than 100 years. She understood he lived over the shop with his parents and younger brother, and there were a lot of cats out back.

Mrs Pratt is the last of that particular Pratt family and still owns the Stafford St building.

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