Mates irked by fibre delays

18:51, Jan 29 2014
Graham Welch, Dave Hughes and Jim Kane.
WANT IT SORTED: Neighbours Graham Welch, Dave Hughes and Jim Kane are angry at the lack of communication over their delayed ultra-fast broadband.

Graham Welch, Jim Kane and Dave Hughes are neighbours and good mates.

The Flemington St residents are all computer savvy too - they like broadband and they like it ultra-fast.

One problem, however - they've been told they can have it ultra-fast, but it's a slow road getting there.

They signed up with Telecom before Christmas to receive ultra-fast broadband via fibre-optic cables. It didn't arrive. Chorus turned up, dug trenches and laid cables, but the fibre would not go through the ground ducts.

The men are frustrated and feel they are banging their heads against a brick wall.

"My question is why do Telecom proceed with other customer installs rather than fix the problem that prevents our connection?" Mr Welch said.


"Why does nobody make contact with progress reports and why do we get shoved backwards and forwards between contractors?

"I was with another provider and Telecom rang and offered me ultra-fast broadband. What annoys me the most is that no one has contacted us; I would have liked someone to have contacted us."

Mr Kane, just two doors down, is not impressed.

"Telecom said they could supply me with ultra-fast broadband through the fibre network and advised me they would install it on December 19.

"The first group came on December 13, then the Chorus team arrived on December 19 to do the final installation.

"At lunchtime they said it would take about half an hour; four hours later and they were still working on it; they could not get the fibre through. They left it and said they would get back to me after Christmas.

"I've contacted Telecom every four days after that; I'm absolutely brassed off."

Telecom advised Mr Kane last week that Chorus had identified blockages at 270 metres. He was told no estimated date for civil work had been provided by Chorus. Meanwhile, down the street, technicians turned up and told Mr Hughes fibre could not be supplied to his property.

A Chorus spokesperson yesterday confirmed some premises near Hilton Highway were experiencing blockage issues with their fibre installations.

"A specialist from Wellington has been flown into Timaru to help solve these issues and has been working with the team on the ground since Monday."

The spokeperson said there was "likely to be a clearer picture towards the end of the week".

"The specialist is due to lead works to overcome the blockage issue at Mr Welch's property [today]."

Mr Welch said yesterday afternoon he still had no word about the matter.

South Canterbury