Community Board demands info centre answers

19:16, Jan 30 2014

The Geraldine Community Board has asked the Timaru District Council to look at its concerns about its new information centre, described as a "rabbit warren".

The board met on Wednesday night to discuss concerns about the centre. It is operated by Aoraki Development Business and Tourism and has been moved to a new location and had its opening hours reduced.

Geraldine ward councillor and community board member Kerry Stevens said yesterday the board has referred the issue to the council's policy and development committee.

"We have asked them to look into our concerns and produce a report about the issues and options to solve the problem for the future. We do not have a timeline on when they will get back to us. There is widespread concern in the community."

Before the meeting he described the situation as diabolical. He wanted the service restored to its previous level, and the centre back in a more visible location. He described the current building as a "rabbit warren".

The report said the new centre was very small and only had standing room for four or five visitors.


The Timaru Herald