Top tips for tackling high school

Starting high school can be a daunting thought. You're thrown into a new environment surrounded by new people and taking new subjects.

With the school year about to get into full swing, it's nice to get advice from some dab hands who have been there and done that all before.

According to some 2013 year 13 students, high school is all about getting stuck in and getting involved as much as you can. Former Craighead student Lydia Oldfield says it's important to put the work in and make the most of class while you're there so you don't have to make up for it in your spare time.

"Procrastination is definitely a killer. Staying up and doing all nighters is when you burn out."

Lydia is moving to Christchurch to study engineering and says she can remember finding her first day at Craighead in year 7 quite daunting.

Once you get into the school routine it's not as bad, however, she says.

Fellow former Craighead year 13 Olivia Hayman, 18, says she had mixed emotions of nerves and excitment when she joined Craighead in year 9.

She says the best thing about high school for her was all the different friends she made. The worst thing was exams, especially in year 13 when there were extra responsibilities to balance.

Her advice is to get time management under control and put in the hard work, because that's where the best results come from.

She is now moving to Otago to study first year health science which she says will be a nice challenge.

Former Mountain View High School year 13 student Henry Craib says that during the first couple of years it's important to make the most of every opportunity that comes up - from school balls to sports exchanges.

The 18 year old says exams are not as scary as you might expect and if you study "you'll be sweet."

Henry, who is staying in Timaru to study sport and fitness at Aoraki polytech, says the worst thing about transitioning to high school is figuring out what to do at lunchtime.

"At primary school you can play in the playground but in high school you have to make your own fun."

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