Banquet at kindy for Chinese New Year

18:26, Feb 02 2014
Katie Allison
CULTURAL CELEBRATION: Katie Allison, 3, attempts to use chopsticks to eat the Chinese banquet at Waimataitai Kindergarten, to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year celebrations ended with a banquet feast at Waimataitai Kindergarten, complete with chopsticks for every child.

Children at the kindy spent the week learning about China, from the language to its one-child policy, even building a Great Wall of Waimataitai in the sand pit.

Teacher Rose Grigor said they try to acknowledge all the different cultures at the kindy.

A Chinese mother at the kindergarten prepared a banquet of traditional Chinese foods, including won-tons, fried rice and a vegetable stir fry.

Mrs Grigor said all the children were excited about the feast as they even had a part in preparing the food.

All the vegetables used were grown in the kindy's vegetable garden.


All the children, aged three and four, ate the meal with chopsticks.

When they tried it in previous years Mrs Grigor said she had forks at the ready, but all the children stuck it out this time, even if they had to try other ways of getting the food, like stabbing it.

The children also picked up the Chinese terms for hello, thank you and happy New Year.

At the end of the day the children were presented with the traditional red envelope, with a surprise of chocolate coins inside.

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